Supporting respectful and balanced relationships between communities and industry

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Who we are

Coexistence Queensland is an independent statutory body established to help facilitate and address how landholders, communities, and the resources and energy industries can sustainably work and thrive together.

We provide educational tools to landholders and act as an ‘ear to the ground’ to guide government and industry on what communities need.

We lead change by bringing everyone in the same room to work through issues to find common ground and foster sustainable coexistence outcomes.

How we help

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Landholders and communities

If there is an energy or resources company operating in your community and you are looking for an independent source of information, we are your first port of call. We can assist you by providing helpful information and connecting you to the right people.
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If you are in the energy or resources industry, we provide advice on leading practice in relation to sustainable coexistence matters and help facilitate better relationships with local communities.
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